By the Numbers

A child’s digital footprint begins early…

· 30 percent of parents shared ultrasound images online. (Source)

· 81 percent of children around the world have an online photo presence before the age of two. In the United States, that figure rises to 92 percent. (Source)

· Almost 40 percent of moms ages 18 to 34 have created social media accounts for their baby before the child’s first birthday. (Source)

· More than 5 million Facebook users are under the age of 10, despite the site’s Terms of Use prohibiting children under 13. (Source)

And quickly becomes a lasting legacy…

· 35 percent of surveyed college admissions officers report checking applicants’ online profiles. (Source)

· 51 percent of employers who research applicants on social media said they’ve found something that caused them to not hire the candidate. (Source)

But we have little control over how or where the information we post will be used…

· 43% of parents think the negative impacts of social media outweigh the positive. (Source)

· 80% of social networking users said they are concerned that the data they share will be accessed by advertisers or businesses. (Source)

· Analytics giant Axciom maintains a database on 500 million consumers, knowing about 1,500 data points per person. (Source)

Begin your movement to #shareResponsibly

With so much information publicly available, and that information being used in new ways, it’s important that we think before we share and carefully cultivate our children’s digital legacies.

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