How KidsLink Saves Me On A Kids-Free Vacation

Hi everyone!

I’m on a much-needed (very short) break with my husband in the mountains of Utah, and this is the first kid-free vacation we’ve taken in…well…maybe, ever?

Leaving our little guy is hard, but it was time to do a little something for us. While packing, my anxious wheels started turning, and it was hard to tune out the “what-ifs.”

That’s why I’m so glad I’ve spend time populating Jackson’s KidsLink Vault and KidsLink Profile, so that in case of emergency, I can send it to whomever might need it right away.


(Jackson’s actual KidsLink Vault not shown because, duh.)

Take a minute to see what you might want to store in your KidsLink Vault or children’s KidsLink Profiles (like allergies and medications), because you never know when you will want to access and share it. Quickly.

So, wish me luck (because, skiing). I’ll need it! 

Update your KidsLink Vault now