There’s something different about us!

Notice anything different about us?

Maybe that you can ♥ your friends’ photos?

Or that your friends can now join the app from anywhere in the world? (Woo hoo!)

Or that you don’t have to scroll through all 10,000 comments below each post in your stream?

That’s right. We’ve done a little spring cleaning. Make sure you have the latest KidsLink update so you too can feel that sense of ahhhhh.

You’ll love it.

And because we’re crazy like that, we are already working on even MORE new features for you.

It’s what we do.

What would you like to see in the next app update?

Email us ( and we’ll pick our favorite idea to be added in an upcoming release.

Get exploring

Have an awesome weekend!

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Repost: Why Is KidsLink Safe?

Because KidsLink has been receiving a lot of attention in the past few days and we’ve gotten a lot of questions, we decided to repost this blog article from Safer Internet Day in February that provides an overview of why it’s important to be careful with our children’s sensitive information, and how KidsLink can be a part of the conversation

Did you know that Tuesday, February 10 is Global Safer Internet Day?

We know!

We’re super excited, too!


We thought we’d take a moment to go over our privacy settings with you, because we’ve got your back, and we realize that keeping up with this stuff is a full-time job in and of itself.

First, with KidsLink, you can kick back and relax because privacy is already done for you.

When you make a post, you’re in control of who you share it with . . .

Just your family


Your KidsLink friends


Or push it out to Facebook or Instagram


Second, we are invitation-only.

Only those KidsLink users who have you listed in their iPhone contacts list can connect with you.

No crazy stalkers allowed, ever.


Finally (and this is a big one!), we strip the metadata from your photos!

Metadata that lives in digital photos (like precise latitude and longitude!) often gets saved online when you post there directly. Ack! Because we care about your family’s safety and digital legacy, we strip that data, allowing you to post from Facebook or Instagram from KidsLink and protect your family.efa70565-384b-491c-9c75-98cff8e09eb6

Big ups to #SIDUS2015, y’all. Here’s to a safer Internet for us all.


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How KidsLink Saves Me On A Kids-Free Vacation

Hi everyone!

I’m on a much-needed (very short) break with my husband in the mountains of Utah, and this is the first kid-free vacation we’ve taken in…well…maybe, ever?

Leaving our little guy is hard, but it was time to do a little something for us. While packing, my anxious wheels started turning, and it was hard to tune out the “what-ifs.”

That’s why I’m so glad I’ve spend time populating Jackson’s KidsLink Vault and KidsLink Profile, so that in case of emergency, I can send it to whomever might need it right away.


(Jackson’s actual KidsLink Vault not shown because, duh.)

Take a minute to see what you might want to store in your KidsLink Vault or children’s KidsLink Profiles (like allergies and medications), because you never know when you will want to access and share it. Quickly.

So, wish me luck (because, skiing). I’ll need it! 

Update your KidsLink Vault now
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Y’all Know About Our Tory Burch Contest, Right?


We are picking one super fabulous KidsLink user this Saturday to win a Tory Burch bag.


Because we’ve got mad love for our users.

And we want you to spread the love to those you love most.

So much love, you guys.

How to enter?

All you have to do is be connected with at least 5 people in app by 2/21. 

That’s it! 

So reach out to your trusted inner circle and invite them to download KidsLink now.

Invite your circle now

Having trouble? Email us:

We’ll help you out.

P.S. If you’re not into purses, we bet you know someone who is. 

Pass this along!


UPDATE (2/21): The winner of one beautiful Tory Burch purse is . . .

Monica C. from Alabama!


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We’ve Got Nothing But Love (+ A Tory Burch Bag) For You

Well, that and a perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day printable gift for your kids to give to a special loved one.2015-02-13 Tory Burch Graphic

(Click image below to download.)

But, um, let’s get back to the Tory Burch bag.

Because KidsLink is the place for you to share photos, moments, and documents safely with your trusted circle, we want to send you some love for shaping that circle.

Invite grandparents, your best friends, aunts, uncles, and caregivers to contribute to your children’s highlights reel.

You’ll cherish their comments for a very special lifetime.

Anyone who is connected with at least 5 people in app by 2/21 (see how many you are connected with by going to the My friends tab) is eligible to win a treat à la Tory Burch.

Option 1:

Click the button below to invite friends and family, or

Option 2:

Let your network (via tweet, email, text, FB share, or smoke signal) know they can download Kidslink from the iTunes App Store and use code VDAY to sign up. 

All KidsLink users eligible to win!

Invite your circle now

Winner chosen 2/21 and announced in next week’s email and blog post.

H A P P Y  V A L E N T I N E ‘ S  D A Y!

P.S. If red isn’t your jam, we are totally cool with you picking another color.

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Wait, What’s This In My Feed?

Hey guys!

So you may have noticed some cool (interesting? insightful? compelling? hopefully all of the above) blogs in your KidsLink feed.

We hand-picked each one to bring you not only what’s popular in the parent space online, but writers we feel lend support to the mind-blowing experience of raising tiny humans. It’s a tough job, yo (and we’re so thankful to have the opportunity).

Because some of you have expressed interest in having a more custom feed, we are working to accommodate that request, and are even considering other ways to improve the experience.

While we work on refining the feed, we wanted to highlight what you currently see, as well as take a poll of what you would like to see.

Currently, we feature


We think that’s a pretty cool roundup, but know it could be better as new writers and content curators are always entering the scene.

Who are we missing?
Who are you reading these days? 
Who are you following? 
Who do you love?

Big, small, funny, serious, local, international…we want it all.

Tell us and you just might see it appear in your feed soon.

P.S.  As a thank-you for your feedback, we will offer a $100 Amazon gift card on 2/6/15 to one lucky user who fills out this very short form.  As in, one question.

Thank you! Here’s to growing together in 2015.

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