Repost: Why Is KidsLink Safe?

Because KidsLink has been receiving a lot of attention in the past few days and we’ve gotten a lot of questions, we decided to repost this blog article from Safer Internet Day in February that provides an overview of why it’s important to be careful with our children’s sensitive information, and how KidsLink can be a part of the conversation

Did you know that Tuesday, February 10 is Global Safer Internet Day?

We know!

We’re super excited, too!


We thought we’d take a moment to go over our privacy settings with you, because we’veĀ got your back, and we realize that keeping up with this stuff is a full-time job in and of itself.

First, with KidsLink, you can kick back and relax because privacy is already done for you.

When you make a post, you’re in control of who you share it with . . .

Just your family


Your KidsLink friends


Or push it out to Facebook or Instagram


Second, we are invitation-only.

Only those KidsLink users who have you listed in their iPhone contacts list can connect with you.

No crazy stalkers allowed, ever.


Finally (and this is a big one!), we strip the metadata from your photos!

Metadata that lives in digital photos (like precise latitude and longitude!) often gets saved online when you post there directly. Ack! Because we care about your family’s safety and digital legacy, we strip that data, allowing you to post from Facebook or Instagram from KidsLink and protect your family.efa70565-384b-491c-9c75-98cff8e09eb6

Big ups to #SIDUS2015, y’all. Here’s to a safer Internet for us all.